In Vivo CAR-T cell is one of the most promising and advanced cell therapies.
Following on from previous universal cell therapies such as autologous CAR-T, allogeneic CAR-T/CAR-NK, in vivo CAR-T is one of those methods that can generate CAR-T/NK cells in vivo, thereby achieving the goal of lowering cell therapy costs and enhancing efficiency.
CAR-NK, also known as enhanced NK cells, is modified by genetic engineering to make NK cells express CAR molecules, enhancing the selective killing effect of NK cells on tumor cells.
Advantages of CAR-NK cell therapy:
  • Better security
  • Can be produced on a commercial scale
  • Off-the-shelf
  • Low cost, easy to access
As a source of NK cells, iPSC (induced pluripotent stem cells) have gained a lot of attention because of their easy source, strong differentiation, infinite expansion, low cost, high cell consistency, and significantly reduced preparation difficulty and cost.