We provide iPSC cell line establishment and offer a variety of cell differentiation services, as well as dependable technical assistance for disease model research, drug development, and cell therapy.
Technical application field
  • To establish a human disease iPSC cell bank
  • Development of cell models for specific diseases (personalized models)
  • The establishment of disease model is used for drug screening and so on
  • Treatment at the stem cell level

Service item

Item Content Time
iPS cell line establishment (Blood sample) Blood cell induced iPSC, non-integrated type 3 to 6 months
iPS cell line establishment (Urine sample) Urine exfoliated cells induced iPSC, non-integrated type 3 to 6 months
iPS cell differentiation On-demand iPSC customized differentiation into immune cells According to the actual project accounting cycle

A complete identification system

Cell morphology
The induced iPS cells grew like flat clonal clusters
Karyotype identification
To ensure that iPS cells cultured in vitro still maintain normal karyotype
Alkaline phosphatase staining
The positive alkaline phosphatase staining of iPS cells indicates that the cells are dry
Multi-energy marker flow identification
The expression of pluripotent genes was verified at the protein level
Mutation identification
Ensure that the obtained cells maintain patient-induced variation information
Pluripotent gene expression analysis
The expression of pluripotent genes was verified at the RNA level
Integration analysis of exogenous factors
Identify the presence of exogenous factor integration
Detection of mycoplasma
Ensure that the delivered cells are free of mycoplasma contamination
STR typing detection
Used to determine whether iPSC is derived from individual cells
Identification of differentiation potential in vitro
Embryoid EB random differentiation to identify the potential of three-layer differentiation
H&E staining of teratoma in vivo
Teratoma detection of triblastic differentiation potential in vivo

Reporting cell lines carrying luciferase and fluorescent proteins are widely used in cell killing validation such as CAR-T and CAR-NK. Genocury offers a range of customized cell line modification services which provide stable cell lines to support research.

K562 K562-BFP-Luci
RPMI 8226 RPMI 8226-BFP-Luci
Jurkat Jurkat-BL
LNCap LNCap-Bl
A549 A549-BL
HepG2 HepG2-BFP-Luci
Nalm6 Nalm6-BFP-Luci
HL-60 HL-60-BL
SW480 SW480-BFP-Luci
T84 T84-BFP-Luci
Dakiki Dakiki-BL
Hela Hela-BL