The company provides a decent working environment for its employees and a large stage for them to showcase their talents.

Occupational Responsibilities

1. Responsible for cell therapy-related technology research and development;
2. Responsible for project research, project establishment, and feasibility analysis, as well as collecting scientific foundations and technological indicators for product development, formulating project research plans, and organizing execution;
3. In charge of compiling and analyzing experimental data and outcomes, as well as writing project reports;
4. Write and publish papers and draft experimental operation standard procedures, new product related paperwork, technical patents, project declarations;
5. Report R&D progress on time and complete other things given by the superior.

Job specifications

1. Have received or are about to obtain a doctorate degree in biology, immunology, medicine, virology, pharmacy, or molecular biology;
2. Have the ability to create independent projects and carry out unique research work independently under the supervision of a PI;
3. Have good English hearing, speaking, reading, and writing skills, and publish papers as the first author in SCI journals;
4. Be enthusiastic about life science research and work with a positive, serious, scientific, and rigorous attitude.

R&D Assistant
Occupational Responsibilities

1. Conduct cell, molecular, or animal research as directed by the company;
2. Assist the members of the research group in carrying out research under the supervision of the researcher or head scientist;
3. Carry out animal experiments, as well as complete the formation and summary of animal experiment data files;
4. In charge of pertinent experimental data processing and SOP writing, as well as summarizing and sorting out experimental results on time.

Job specifications

1. A full-time bachelor's or master's degree or higher in biology or medicine, and 1-2 years of relevant research and development experience;
2. conversant with standard molecular experiment technologies, such as nucleic acid extraction, PCR, and RT-PCR;
3. Skilled in drug administration, sampling, observation, and recording of mice;
4. Work initiative, a learning mentality, and strong teamwork skills.

R&d Scientist
Occupational Responsibilities

1. Completed the project responsibilities assigned by the R&D manager on time;
2. Mainly responsible for cell therapy-related technology research and development, such as iPS programming and differentiation, CAR molecular optimization design, NK amplification, and culture system construction;
3. Responsible for stem cell and immune cell process development;
4. Prepare SOPs, experimental data records, instrument use records, and other work-related records in compliance with quality system criteria;
5. Organize and report work material on a regular basis.

Job specifications

1. A master's or doctoral degree in cell biology/molecular biology/Immunology/Virology;
2. mastery of cell products, biological knowledge, and related professional information;
3. Proficient in English literature reading and retrieval, as well as specific coordination, communication, analytical, and judgment abilities;
4. Prior experience in the cell/gene therapy industry is preferred.